Handlebars which set the new mark in ratio of performance and comfort. Combining three layers brings very durable structure. Microfiber surface triumphs in durability, dense foam backed by gel adhesive for even better vibration damping. If you are the one of most demanding road or gravel rider these tapes are made especially for you. Moreover, a diamond pattern ensures tacky grip when bare handed during a ride even in the hottest days. Improved dust, sweat a dirt resistance makes tapes lasting longer as you push the hardest you can.


  • PU surface with EVA base with VexGel™ adhesive for ultimate vibration absorption and extra durability

  • Diamond pattern for enhanced grip even without gloves

  • Easy cleaning surface

  • Easy to re-wrap in case of mistake when wrapping



Color: Navy blue, Red, White, Black



1 pair KLS Bastogne tape 2000 x 30mm

1 pair Short stripes for lever shifters 90 x 30mm

1 pair Flexible finishing tape

1 pair End-plug (black)