KLS ZOOMER is durable bicycle light made out of alloy, which will serve well not only on bike, but also in camp, or around the household. Adjustable optical lens which allows you to set up the light beam precisely for your specific situation, combined with a higher lighting output makes the KLS ZOOMER reliable partner, who can keep up with you when you need it.


•      You can personalize your light with your bike using the colour rings which are included in packaging

•      Adjustable optical lens within angle 1°-140° allows you to adjust the light beam and use all the light au to its maximum

•      The light is easy to mount using the universal mount which fits on all common handlebars

•      The light is protected against unintended turning ON/OFF in your backpack – press the button 2x to turn it ON, press-and-hold for turning OFF

•      A light which is powered by three AAA batteries is suitable mostly for long journeys which usually took more days or even weeks, where an electrical power-grid is something you cannot easily enjoy every day




Lighting output: 65 lm

Source of light: 1x Cree LED

Functions: 100%, 50%, 25%, Flashing

Battery lifetime: 60hrs (100%), 30hrs (50%), 15hrs (25%), 180hrs (Flashing)

Battery type: 3x AAA (included)

IPX 4 (Water resistant)



Colour: Black



7 colour rings

3x AAA Batteries

User manual



All common sizes of handlebars