What makes KLS COVERT compact? You can slide out hidden gauge by stepping down metal footpad and convert KLS COVERT from portable hand pump to mini floor pump. Plus pump barrels are telescopic. When reaching higher pressure, pumping is easier by locking the Big-Volume barrel. Whether you use schrader/presta side of the head, the other does block automatically.

  • 1" pop-out precise hideable gauge - sliding out by stepping down metal footpad

  • Ø25/18mm alloy telescopic barrels for Big-Volume/Hi-Pressure modes

  • patented auto-switching Twin Head fits schrader/presta with thread for valve engagement

  • pinch-Free T-handle

  • CNC valve core and cap

  • valve head with plugs against dust



    Weight: 216g

    Length: 30cm

    Maximum pressure: 120psi/8 bar



    Plastic clip for bike mounting