Dropper post KLS SHIFT is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with hard anodized finish on inner shaft making it durable and with buttery smooth travel. Duster on this dropper is sturdy and protects its inner mechanism from all dirt even in very muddy conditions. Saddle can be attached by two screws onto the head of the dropper, which makes adjustment of seat angle quite easy. Internal routing of remote-control wire protects it against any damage and gives a bike smooth look. Aluminum remote control lever which should be placed on left side is easy to operate and compatible with all common handlebars. Dropper post comes with wire and casing, barrel end cap and remote-control lever.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy with hard anodized finish on inner shaft secures low weight as well as buttery smooth travel
  • Remote control with internal routing enables easy and comfortable height adjustment from handlebars


Total length: 402 (125mm travel) / 445mm (150mm travel) / 485mm (170mm travel)
Min. insert:  100mm (125/150mm travel) / 110mm (170mm travel)
Total insert: 230 (125mm travel) / 253mm (150mm travel) / 273mm (170mm travel)
Length of cable: 1500mm


Diameter: 30,9
Travel: 125 / 150 / 170mm
Colour: Hard Anodized Black 
Offset: 0mm



All common seat tubes with diameter of 30,9 mm