Just by one click you turn on a radiant glare which will instantly lift your confidence and feel of security wherever you need to be visible. KLS ILLUX is thanks to its 16 LED diodes a great tool, so you can be seen during the daylight, when it comes to dusk, when a rain starts, or even when you suddenly enter into a fog! It is designed for all cyclists without any difference, and because of its specific shape a suitable gadget even for road-racing enthusiasts.


  • 16 LEDs on a stripe for increased visibility from afar

  • 290° observation angle for better chance to be seen in advance from back or side perspective

  • Aerodynamic design and rubber leaflets a suitable safety complement for your favourite bike

  • Wide, accessible switch button allow you to operate the light without need for stopping your ride

  • You can re-charge this light by using Micro USB wire anytime, and don’t have to buy any more batteries. Besides that – you are also protecting nature

  • Long lasting battery allows you to charge it up at least 500 without significant capacity drop

  • Complies with German Road Traffic Regulations – StVZO



    Lighting output: 25lm

    Source of light: 16x LED

    Functions: 100%

    Battery lifetime: 2hrs (100%)

    Battery indicator: Orange (24-5%), Flashing Orange (<5%)

    Charging time: 1hr

    Battery type: Li-pol 3.7V 500mAh

    IPX4 (Water resistant)



USB cable

User manual



All common seatposts, aero-seatposts or chainstays of bike frame